2017-2018 Honors


Family of the Year 2017-2018

The Mike Dunivon Family

Knight of the Year 2017-2018

Jeff Haueter


For the Month of February 2018:

Family of the Month  

                                             Mike & Ann Dunnivon Family 

                                     Knight of the Month

Jerry O'Shesky


 Bestowed on


 Family of the MonthArnie Rodriguez Family January 2018
 Knight of the MonthGavin Momberg January 2018
 Family of the MonthChris Knudstrup Family February 2017
 Knight of the MonthSteve Crippen February 2017
 Family of the MonthAl Schulien Family March 2017 **
 Knight of the MonthGene Ambler March 2017
 Family of the MonthNorm Puma Family April 2017
 Knight of the Month

Deacon Al Turkovich 

 April 2017
 Family of the MonthRob Julin Family May 2017
 Knight of the MonthFr. Kenneth McDonald May 2017
 Family of the Month Larry Prokop Family June 2017
 Knight of the Month Larry Prokop June 2017
 Family of the Month Jim Powers Family July 2017
Knight of the Month  Gene Murawski July 2017
 Family of the MonthDuffy Williams Family August 2017 
 Knight of the MonthDon Kill August 2017  
 Family of the MonthPaul Miller Family September 2017
 Knight of the Month

 Charlie Heiler

September 2017
 Family of the MonthHoward Ehresman Family October 2017 
 Knight of the Month

George Wygant  & Jeff Haueter

October 2017  
 Family of the Month

Tim Zielinski Family 

November 2017 

Knight of the Month

Anthony Orlando, Al Schulien,

Jim Powers, Paul Schnipke

November 2017  

 Family of the MonthJim Marshall Family December 2017 
 Knight of the MonthBruce UtterDecember 2017  
 ** start  


We Honor our departed Brother Knights from Mason Council #9182.

May they Rest in Peace.


     In Memory of Alexander Vanier   

 In Memory of Francis Clery

 In Memory of Wilbur Singer

  In Memory of Edric Holdorph

  In Memory of Charles Schmitter

 In Memory of Mathew Allen

   In Memory of Charles Brandell

In Memory of Frank Hannold 

In Memory of Kenneth Valley 

   In Memory of Jules Degraeve

In Memory of Ronald Soltis, PGK FDD

In Memory of Irwin Jaehnig

In Memory of James L. Smith

In Memory of Juras Philo

In Memory of William Lechleitner

In Memory of Miles Jackman

In Memory of Walter Gurzenda

In Memory of PGK Denis Seman

In Memory of Pasquale "Pat" Devitto

In Memory of Robert "Bob" Leyko PGK PFN 

 In Memory of Clifford Nichols

In Memory of Jerry Eifert 

In Memory of Jason March 

In Memory of Dr. Vince Guarnaccia 

                 In Memory of Ross Ried

In Memory of Frank March Sr. 

In Memory of Frank Selinsky 




 Fr. Kenneth McDonald

 Fr. Alan Wakefield

 Fr. Kusitino Cobona





       Past Families and Knights of the Year   


             Year         Family of the Year             Knight of the Year


            1987        PGK PFN Bob Leyko Family               Ralph DeVitto
            1988        PGK PFN Bob Leyko Family               PGK FDD Mark Leyko
            1989        PGK FDD Mark Leyko Family             Tim Zielinski
            1990        PGK Paul Miller Family                       Jules Degraeve
            1991        James Mead Family                            PGK FDD Gene Murawski
            1993        Wayne Babin Family
            1996          PGK William Bond Family                PGK FDD Bob Timmer
            1997          PGK Bob McCormick Family           PGK Lou Ebaugh
            1998          PGK William Bond Family               PGK FDD Bob Timmer
            1999          Steve Crippen Family                      Fr. Kenneth McDonald
            2000          Geoffrey Madden Family                 PGK Lou Ebaugh
            2001          PGK Paul Miller Family                    PGK Don Kill
            2003          Jim Marshall Family
            2004          Chris Knudstrup Family                  PGK FDD Mark Leyko
            2005          PGK Jeff Haueter Family                 Anthony Orlando
            2006          PGK FDD  FN Frank March ll Family DGK Chris Knudstrup
            2007          PGK Denis White Family                 James Bartolacci
            2008          Robert Rodriguez Family                 PGK FDD Chris Stevens
            2009          PGK Jeff Haueter Family                 Charli Heiler
            2010          PGK Paul Miller Family                    PGK Robert McCormick
            2011          Charli Heiler Family                         DGK Chris Knudstrup
            2012          Tony Igl Family                                 Charles Dadswell
            2013          GK Larry Prokop Family                  Charlie Heiler 
            2014           Matt Kuschel Family                       PGK Jeffrey Haueter

             2015         DGK Chris Knudstrup Family         Charlie Heiler

              2016       David St. Amant Family                   George Wygant

(We have some blanks in this list and need your help to fill in the names of the honored Families and Knights. Please contact PGK Paul Miller if you have the verified information)


gave;  Past Grand Knights       (Picture, click)

                                                                                                 Missing in photo, PGK Jim McEwan, PGK Frank March II & GK Denis White



Eugene A. Murawski, FDD



Robert J. Leyko, PFN   (Rip)                                    



Paul S. Miller



Mark S. Leyko, FDD



William D. Bond



Robert M. McCormick



Denis F. Seman   (Rip)



Eugene A. Murawski, FDD



Robert L. Timmer, FDD



Louis B. Ebaugh



Donald R. Kill



James S. McEwan



Christopher R. Stevens FDD



Bruce K. Utter



Frank March ll DD



Denis J. White 



Jeffrey S. Haueter

2013-2015 Ronald O. Bates
2015-2017  Dr. Lawrence Prokop
 2017    Chris Knudstrup



Former District Deputies, FDD



PSD Richard F. McCloy



John Rademacher



Jerry Boda



Eugene A. Murawski



Joseph P. Kelly



Mark S. Leyko



Robert L. Timmer



William Callahan



Christopher R. Stevens



Frank March II


 Joel Weiher






Past Financial Secretaries

Jim Szymusiak

Vince Guarnaccia

Jules Degraeve

PGK Bill Bond

Steve Crippen

Sam Chrome

Chris Knudstrup

George Wygant