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Mason Knights of Columbus Council #9182 

Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life. Come see just what we are all about and take the first steps to enhance your personal life. Fill out a Form 100 today!  
Frequently Asked Questions: click here
For admission into the Mason Knights of Columbus council, please contact Membership Director Matt Kuschel at 734-972-8990 or any Knights of Columbus member. We have membership drives throughout the year so please join us. Check on the links in the "Did You Know" section below for more informtion about the Knights of Columbus and our activities. E-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Did you Know? 

(Facts and Links about the Knights of Columbus in Mason, State and National)

  • That the Knights of Columbus membership world wide exceeds 1.8 million and the Supreme Council is located in New Haven, Connecticut, the home of our founder, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney?

  •  That Brother Knight Father Kenneth McDonald requested that our Council be established in 1985 and that Brother Knight PSD Richard McCloy was our first District Deputy and Brother Knight PGK FDD Gene Murawski was our Charter Grand Knight?

  •  That the Knights of Columbus membership in the Michigan Jurisdiction exceeds 67,000 members?

  • That the motto of the Knights of Columbus is "In service to one, in service to all?

  • That Fr. Kusi (Kusitino Cobona) accepted the appointment as our third Council Chaplain in September, 2010? He was ordained a Marist Priest on December 1, 1984. He was born on May 7, 1956. Fr. Kusi is a Fourth Degee Knight. Fr. Kusi led a Mission Trip to Fiji in 2013. On November 30, 2014, Mason Council #9182 sponsored a 30th Anniversary Mass, Dinner and Social for Fr. Kusi with 200 in attendence including 10 area Priests. We assisted in sponsoring a Surprise 60th Birthday Party for Fr. Kusi in May, 2016. On July 9, 2016, we sponsored and "All American Picnic" potluck at St. James celebrating Fr. Kusi receiving his United States Citizenship on May 18, 2016. In August 2017, Fr. Kusi led another Mission Trip to Fiji to build houses after the devastation of Cyclone Winston.

  • That our Council #9182 Charter Mass and Dinner were held in the basement of the old Church on November 14, 1986, with the late Brother Knight Bishop Kenneth J. Povish and Brother Knight Father Kenneth McDonald as celebrants? The official Charter is dated December 1, 1985. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary as a council on November 13, 2010, with a Mass concelebrated by Fr. Kusi and Fr. Alan Wakefield, Social, Dinner and Program. The event was Chaired by Brothers Jay Jensen and Gordon Terwilliger with Charter Grand Knight Gene Murawski as Master of Ceremonies. We had over 100 members and guests present for the program honoring our Founder and Charter Chaplain, Fr. Kenneth McDonald.

  • That our very own Brother Knight Father Michael J. Jacobus was ordained into the Priesthood on June 6, 2008, at the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Marquette, Michigan, by the Most Reverend Alexander K. Sample? Father Jacobus was vested by Father Alan Wakefield and Father Robb Jurkovich. Other Knights and wives attending from our council were Rich and Marcia O'Brien, Gordon and Margaret Terwilliger, Paul and Therese Miller and Lonny Church. Father Michael's Parents Nancy Jacobus and Michael Jacobus were there along with many other relatives, friends and parishioners from St. James and several parishes where Seminarian and Deacon Michael had served. Fr. Michael was assigned to Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood, Michigan. In May, 2009, he was assigned to the Holy Family Parish in Ontonagon, Michigan, with additional responsibilities at St. Jude Parish in White Pine and St. Mary in Rockland. The address of Holy Family Parish is 515 Pine St. Ontonagon, Michigan 49953. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    Yes he is still there as of January, 2018.

  •  That the Knights of Columbus Insurance Program has received Standard & Poor’s highest rating, AAA (Extremely Strong) and A. M. Best has given its A+++ (Superior) rating?  Our local Field Agent is Larry Leece, 517-204-2682.

  •  That our original First Degree Team was certified in 1986 and included Brother Knights PGK FDD Gene Murawski, Tim Zielinski, PGK PFN Bob Leyko, Michael Jacobus, Vince Guarnaccia and Mike Spinsky? Please contact the Grand Knight if you would like to serve on the current Team.

  •  That there is a Father Michael J. McGivney Guild and all Knights are encouraged to join This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and that the Michigan Jurisdiction leads the nation in membership?
  •  That the Knights of Columbus established the Hero’s Fund immediately after the attack on 9-11-2001 and were the first to give money to family members of Brother Knights lost in the attack? The Fund exceeded one million dollars donated.

  •  That Father Phil Schmitter, son of the late Brother Knight Charles and Ruth Schmitter, is a Catholic Priest in the Lansing Diocese?

  •  That the Michigan Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus includes 407 active councils with 88 Districts and District Deputies?

  •  That our former Chaplain and Brother Knight Father Alan Wakefield was ordained a Priest on April 19, 1975? A wine and cheese party was hosted by our Council on April 17, 2010, celebrating his 35th Anniversary. Thank you Fr. Al. Fr. Al retired effective September 1, 2010. We hosted a retirement party at the Home of Duff and Martha Williams on August 29, 2010, with almost 100 in attendance. We wish Fr. Al good health and joy in his new adventure. Thank you Fr. Al. Fr. Al now resides in New Buffalo, Michigan. On April 26, 2015, Fr. Al Celebrated the 11:00 Mass at St. James and the Knights sponsored a 40th Anniversary Party after Mass with about 100 guests attending.

  •  That Holy Cross Children’s Services (HCCS) formerly “Boysville”, is the number one charity of the Michigan Knights of Columbus?

  •  That our first Fish Fry was held in the basement of the old Church in 1986 with the late Brother Knight PGK PFN Bob Leyko organizing the event and being the Fish Fry Chairman for eight years? Brother Knight PGK FDD Mark Leyko followed his uncle Bob and Chaired the Fish Fries for ten years. Brother Knight PGK Jeff Haueter (2005) is our current Big Fish. A regular night Fish Fry "meals served" record of 736 was set on March 27, 2015, surpassing the old record of 697 on April 15, 2011. Next in line was 667 meals on March 2, 2012, followed by 664 meals served on March 7, 2008, and 653 dinners on March 13, 2015. In the 2011 Fish Fry season we also set a record for total dinners served in a regular season at 6,068!! For the first time in our history of Fish Fries, we accepted our first credit card payment for a dinner on February 28, 2014. Our pop sales and our 50/50 proceeds during the Fish Fries make up the funds for our Annual Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program for graduating St. James Seniors.

  •  That our Council is in the jurisdiction of the Bishop Kenneth J. Povish Assembly 2815, Fourth Degree, located in Charlotte and rotating with Eaton Rapids and Mason. Our own Frank March II is the current Faithful Navigator of the Assembly. Some of our members belong to the Bishop Albers Assembly 0496, Fourth Degree, located in Lansing and the new Lansing Assembly also located in Lansing. The Bishop Povish Assembly 2815 can be emailed at     This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • That only 3.4 percent of Catholic men in Michigan are members of the Knights of Columbus?

  •  That Brother Knight Frank Hughes established and edited a quarterly Council #9182 K of C newsletter for two years, that Brother Knight PGK Paul Miller changed it to the monthly “Knight Times” and was Editor for 13 years, that Brother Knight Tom Conway was Editor for one year and that our current Editor is Brother Knight Lou Hurliman This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ?

  •  That in 1981 the Knights established a $10 million trust fund -- the Vicarius Christi (Vicar of Christ) Fund -- whose proceeds go annually to the Holy Father for his personal charities? The Fund was increased to $20 million in 1988. Over the past 25 years the fund has provided more than $43 million for the Pope’s personal charities and causes.  

  • That our first Palm Sunday MR Tootsie Roll Drive, first Vocations Golf Outing, first Spelling Bee, first 50-50 drawing and first Prayer for Vocations at monthly meetings started in 1986? The Tootsie Roll Drive has since been changed to the MI Drive and our Council changed our collection time from Palm Sunday weekend to Columbus Day weekend in 2011.

  • That at the second Supreme Council meeting on May 12, 1883, Supreme Knight James T. Mullen introduced the emblem of the order. It consists of a shield mounted upon a Formée cross. The Formée cross, with its arms expanding at the ends, is an artistic representation of the cross of Christ. The shield harkens back to medieval Knights and the cross represents the Catholicity of the Order. Mounted on the shield is a fasces with an anchor and a short sword crossed behind it. The fasces is a symbol of authority while the anchor is the mariner's symbol for Columbus. The sword, like the shield it is mounted on, was used by knights of yesteryear when engaged upon an errand of mercy. Each Knight receives the emblem as a lapel pin.

  •  That our Council has supported Michigan Diocese Seminarians and religious annually since 1987 and in 2007 we broke the 2006 record with a contribution of $6,000 assisting our seminarians? At our 25th Anniversary celebration on November 13, 2010, it was stated that our Council has raised over $50,000 for Seminarians since we started! Since that time the total rose to $77,000 in 2016. In 2017 we tied our record for contributions by donating $6,000 directly to Seminarians and bringing out total donation to $83,000.

  •  That the founders of the Knights of Columbus chose Christopher Columbus as patron of the new organization to emphasize Catholic contributions to the exploration and evangelization of the Americas and calling the members “Knights” signified a commitment to high ideals of religious devotion and service to others?

  •  That the 2007 Fish Fries included 4,826 dinners sold and used 3,600 pounds of cod, 1,400 pounds of French fries, 2,500 baked potatoes, 1,000 pounds of cole slaw, 260 pounds of shrimp, 60 pans of cheese and macaroni and over 375 dozen dinner rolls?

  • That on the weekend of March 22-23, 2014, our Council Kicked Off our "In a Heartbeat" Campaign to raise over $13,000 as the local share to purchase an Ultrasound Machine for Pregnancy Services of Greater Lansing? The Supreme Council, Knights of Columbus, matched our $13,000 to purchase the machine. With the wonderful generosity of many Knights of Columbus Councils, Assemblies and individual donations, we reached our goal very quickly. A check presentation, ribbon cutting, reception and blessing of the Ultrasound Machine was held on July 27, 2014. The Committee was Co-Chaired by FDD FN Frank March II and Mark Fein.

  •  That our Michigan K of C District #59 consists of Mason Council #9182, St. Mary’s Council #11825 Charlotte, St. Peter’s Council #6534, Eaton Rapids and Fr. Gerald F. Chapman Council #13516, Leslie?

  • That with financial assistance from the Knights, the facade of St. Peter's was repaired in a 20-month project completed in 1987 and the Knights have also funded other restoration work in the Basilica, most recently including repairs to the roof of its Blessed Sacrament Chapel?

  •  That the Knights' prize-winning monthly magazine, Columbia, is the largest Catholic periodical in the United States?

  • That the following Mason Council Brother Knights have held higher office in the Assembly, District or State jurisdictions: PGK FDD Eugene Murawski, PGK PFN Robert Leyko, PGK FDD Mark Leyko, PGK FDD Robert Timmer, PGK Donald Kill, PGK FDD Chris Stevens, Thomas Murawski, PGK FDD FN Frank March II, Charles March, Nicholas Harmon, Gene Hentkowski, Thomas Trimmer, George Wygant and the late PGK FDD Ron Soltis?

  •  That since 1973 the Knights of Columbus has printed and distributed free of charge millions of items of pro-life educational literature, provided financial assistance to the pro-life programs of the U.S., Canadian and Mexican bishops and thousands of Knights take part in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., each January? 

  • That our first Free-throw Contest, first Pancake Breakfast, first  attendance jackpot drawing, first Parish Bulletin Ad, first monthly Mass Stipend for Vocations, first State Convention attendance and first Corporate Communion started in 1987?

  •  That the Knights have committed one million dollars to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. for a 3,780 square foot mosaic dome in the Shrine’s Great Upper Church which depicts themes relating to the incarnation of Jesus Christ?

  • That our Council has held a number of Fish Fry Benefit Dinners over the years including "Proceeds for Pat", Eden Church after their fire and the Mason School Foundation? A more recent Fish Fry Fundraiser in 2012 netted ($6,000) for the St. Vincent Depaul Store after their fire and ($4,177.37) for the "Care Free Dental Clinic" in 2013. On March 28, 2014, we held a Fish Fry Fundraiser for an Ultrasound Machine for Pregnancy Services of Greater Lansing and raised over ($6,700) for the Ultrasound Fund. In April, 2016, We held a Fish Fry for Fiji to assist Holy Cross Parish with rebuilding after their record setting Cyclone on Feb. 29, 2016. We raised over $9,000. 

    •  That Holy Cross Children's Services provides a range of residential and family services for boys and girls ages 12-17 who have multiple needs and who require a non-medical structured program at sites in Alpena, Buckley, Cadillac, Clinton, Detroit, Ecorse, Frankenmuth, Grand Rapids, Grayling, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Lewiston, Manistee, Onaway, Owosso, Rapid City, Redford, Saginaw, Traverse City, Ypsilanti and Wellston?

    •  That our Website, was created by Brother Knight Corey Dollman-Jersey in 2006? It was redeveloped by Brother Knight Bob Rodriguez in April of 2008. It is maintained by PGK Paul Miller and GK Chris Knudstrup with help from everyone.

    •  That January 2017 was the 44th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Mother Teresa proclaimed that “If you want peace, Stop Abortion”?

    • That since 2004 US Military Chaplains around the world have received updated copies of the Order's pocket sized "Armed With Faith" prayer booklets for Catholics serving with the armed forces? Approximately 500,000 booklets have been made available during that time by the Knights.
    •  That the Knights of Columbus Celebrated the 135th Anniversary of Founders Day on March 29, 2017?

    •  That our Council is required to complete a semiannual audit by February 15th and August 15th each year and submit copies to the Supreme Council, the State Council and the District Deputy?

    •  That the official Youth Organizations of the Knights of Columbus in Michigan are the Squires and the Knights Daughters?

    •  That Brother Knight PGK Donald Kill rolled a perfect 300 game on December 14, 2006, in the Knights of Columbus Bowling League at Royal Scot in Lansing? He did it again on March 15, 2007! On December 10, 2009, Brother Knight David Knauf crafted an unbelievable 810 series in the same league. Then, on January 7, 2010, Brother Knight PGK Paul Miller rolled a personal best 704 series followed on January 14 by Brother Knight PGK FDD Gene Murawski's personal best game of 299 which was part of a personal best 789 series! Congratulations Donald Kill for being inducted into the Mason USBC Association Hall of Fame February 7, 2016.

    • That the St. Francis Retreat Center located in DeWitt, Michigan, celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2006 and its director, Fr. Larry DeLaney, celebrated the 40th Anniversary of his Ordination in 2007?  Council #9182 Brother Knights and their wives assisted in both these events. Fr. Delaney passed away on June 7, 2015.

    •  That our Council passed a nonbinding resolution supporting the Fr. McGivney Chair in Life Ethic at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit at the level of one dollar per month per member over a ten year period starting in 2005? This comittment was honored and completed in 2016.

    •  That the Michigan House of Representatives Resolution No. 32 dated March 1, 2007, recognized March 29, 2007, as KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FOUNDERS DAY IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN?  

    •  That Brother Knights Frank March Sr., PGK FDD FN Frank March II, Justin and Charles March are the first three generation family members at Mason Council #9182? Our next three generation family includes  Brother Knights Arnold Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez and Joseph Rodriguez. 

    •  That the official publication of the Knights of Columbus Michigan Jurisdiction is the MICHIGAN COLUMBIAN?

    •  That on May 19, 2007, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Brother Knight and Charter Chaplain Fr. Kenneth McDonald’s Ordination to the Priesthood with a Mass, dinner and program in his honor? He was ordained on May 11, 1957. We celebrated Fr. Ken's 80th Birthday with a Mass, dinner and party on August 1, 2009, at St. James Church in Mason. Fr. Ken was the official "Honoree" at our 25th Anniversary celebration on November 13, 2010. Several Brothers meet with Fr. Ken over lunch and catch up on what he is doing and fill him in on Council Activities. Fr. Ken says he enjoys reading the minutes of the Council and "When is that kitchen going to be built"? A 60th Anniversary of his Ordination was held on May 7, 2017. It started with the 11:00 Mass and then moved on to a luncheon and program. Fr. Ken was pleased to take home a copy of the plans for the proposed expanded kitchen and hall. Joining Fr. Ken was Bishop Emeritus Carl Mengeling who also celebrated his 60th Anniversary of his Ordination. Fr. Kusi celebrated his 61st birthday the same day. Thank you all for your calling and service to God and all of us.

    • That on March 16, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI approved a Decree of Heroic Virture for Father Michael J. McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus? This significant step forward in the process of Father McGivney's cause for canonization accords this Servant of God the title "Venerable" and presents the 19th century priest to the faithful as a model of Christian life.

    •  That some of the Knights wives formed the Knights of Columbus “Angels” at St. James and they held an organizational and information meeting on August 26th, 2007? Membership is open to all women of the Parish. Please check out their page on this website for their activities and more information. The first President was Carleen White, the second was Tammy March and the current President is Pam Prokop. The Ladies and guests celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a catered dinner and program on August 19, 2017.

    • That the Pope’s blessing and midnight Mass from St. Peter’s were broadcast in more than 70 countries using the satellite uplink program financed by the Knights of Columbus? See video of the Pope's visit to the United States in April, 2008.

    • That for several years leading up to and including 2012, the Council has saved and worked hard to improve the kitchen in Cave Hall at St. James and that in December 2012, three new fryers, a new double stacking convection oven, a commercial two burner hot plate, a three door undercounter refrigerator with cutting board surface, a new service table, a free standing regrigerator and French Fry cutter were added to the kitchen? To culminate our efforts, we reimbursed St. James Church for the cost of the contractor to repaint Cave Hall the first week of 2013. Two large upright food warmers with shelves were also added with the proceeds from the old equipment. A new ice machine was added in 2015. Plans are currently underway to expand the kitchen and hall with the proceeds of the Witness to Hope Campaign.

    • That the Knights of Columbus Culture of Life Fund was established by a vote of the delegates to the 2008 Supreme Convention in Quebec City "In order to further our commitment to building a culture of life"? The resolution stated, "it has become desirable to establish a permanent fund with monies contributed from the members, councils and assemblies that will support a broad range of initiatives that advance the culture of life". In Phoenix at the 2009 Supreme Council Meeting, a resolution was passed to assess each member $2 annually for the Culture of Life Fund. The purpose of the fund is to move public opinion toward respecting the dignity of the human person and the fundamental right to life as a significant step towards the long term goal of building a culture of life that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have so strongly urged.

    • Updated 1/3/18


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